I can link into your energies and feel what you are feeling, guiding you away from emotional turmoil, turning it into hope and empowerment. I will inspire you with confidence and guide you to live the uniqueness of your being— in truth, freedom, and love.

Specializing In:


Is the ability to see the future. It is usually experienced in a variety of ways among the most common are through feelings, brief inner glimpses, dreams and the third eye (the mind’s eye).


Is the ability to read or pick up on the thoughts of another person.


Is the ability to pick up on the feelings of others rather than their thoughts.


Is the supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses. Acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness.

Psychic & Medium

A medium has a different focus than that of a psychic. While the psychic focuses on the events and relationships of the person for which a reading is being given, the medium focuses not only on the person but on the spirit energies surrounding that person.

I take time to tune in and connect before beginning each session ~ I must have useful insight to share with each individual client.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been able to do readings and advising 35+ years. I come from a large family- with a variety of supernatural gifts. Three Generations