The Magical Properties of Salt

Few know that salt could be a powerful substance in magic and necromancy. It’s a potent shielder and energy clearer. Salt is insanely shielding. particularly ocean salt. Nearly each single culture considers it protecting. Voodoo, Pagan, Hindu…Various ye olde mental object has it that you simply will place a line of salt across your threshold to stay those would need you sick out, place during a circle you to try and do a spell ‘in private’ and sprinkle it altogether corners of your house/a space.

Bathing in salt (Dead ocean Salt is unbelievable, thus are Epsom Salts) could be a powerful purification ritual – you sleep deeply & peacefully afterwards. It will appear to carry negative vibes. In Flying Star rule, one amongst the foremost usually used cures for the ill-famed ‘5’ star could be a glass bowl choked with pure water and one or two of ocean salt. Check the monthly rule updates to ascertain wherever the 5 is in your house.

So there’s the classic chucking salt over your left shoulder for luck. Salt scrubs cleanse your aura… Salt is additionally wide employed in ghost-busting work. Don’t believe the supernatural properties of salt? Attempt a short line of it across your threshold and see what happens. You’d be stunned at WHO stays away and also the fascinating revelations that flare up within the next forty eight hours!